About staging server profile changes when updating from a server profile template

The staging option enables you to stage the changes you make when updating a server profile from the server profile template. The changes are staged until the next time the associated server hardware is powered off via HPE OneView. To enable this option, a check box is available on the Update From Template dialog box of the Server Profile Template screen.

The staging option is available only when all the following are true:
  • The server profile is associated with a server profile template

  • The server profile is not in compliance with the server profile template

  • There is at least one automatic remediation

  • The server profile is assigned to server hardware

  • The server hardware is powered on

If an infrastructure administrator updates and stages the server profile changes, the server administrator can apply the updates during the maintenance window automatically. The staged updates are applied automatically when the server hardware is powered off via HPE OneView.

  • Editing a server profile that has pending updates causes those updates to be canceled.

  • There must be at least one automatic remediation.

  • Staged updates are not automatically applied if the server hardware is powered off via iLO or the server hardware front panel.