About configuring iLO settings in a server profile

Privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Server administrator

iLO settings enable you to configure and manage the settings in HPE OneView instead of logging into the iLO to apply the needed settings. These settings are included when you move the profile to another server hardware instance. Use a server profile template if you want to maintain consistent management for a specific iLO setting across multiple iLOs.

Manage administrator account

Configure the password of the predefined iLO administrator account or delete the account.

Manage local accounts

Configure and manage the local accounts. When managed from HPE OneView, all the local accounts on the iLO are replaced when configuring the accounts specified in the server profile.

Manage directory configuration

Configure the iLO directory (Active Directory, LDAP, or Kerberos) to enable single sign-on.

Manage directory groups

Grant access to specific directory groups for the iLO on the server hardware that is associated with the profile. When managed from HPE OneView, all the directory groups on the iLO are replaced when configuring the directory groups specified in the server profile.

Planning for iLO directory configuration

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you plan your iLO directory configuration in advance, and test it on an iLO in the iLO interface. Confirm that the configuration is correct before configuring the iLO directory in HPE OneView using the tested settings. See the HPE iLO User Guide at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library (iLO documents).