Logical drive details

Integrated storage controller

Displays the logical drive details for the integrated storage controller.

Write cache

Controller write cache. Available when the profile has the Gen10 server type selected.


The name of the logical drive; must be unique within the profile.


Displays Logical Drive for integrated storage.

Logical drive ID (RAID and mixed mode)

The number assigned to the logical drive. The logical drive number is automatically assigned when the logical drive is created on the target server hardware. A logical drive that has not yet been created displays pending.

RAID level (RAID and mixed mode)

The RAID level for the logical drive.

Number of drives

Number of physical drives associated with the logical drive.

For logical drives, only values that meet the constraints of the RAID level are available.

Size GB

Displays n/a for integrated controllers.

Drive Technology

The type of drive technology.


Available for Gen10 servers only. This setting indicates if the Smart Array controller can use an acceleration method to improve the performance of physical disk operations. When set to Enabled, the Smart Array controller uses the write cache as the acceleration method.

Boot (RAID or mixed mode)

When this option is selected, the logical drive is set to boot.

X icon

Deletes the logical drive. The logical drive is deleted immediately.