Reconstruct a deleted server profile

If you accidentally delete a server profile with SAN storage provisioned to the virtual initiator WWPNs of the profile, the initiator WWPNs will still exist in the storage array volume export. You can reconstruct the deleted profile with the correct initiator WWPNs.

When recreating an accidentally deleted server profile, you might have some IDs, such as WWPNs, but not others, for example, virtual MAC addresses for the FC connection. For IDs you might no longer have, you can create a temporary unassigned profile with an Ethernet connection, copy the virtual MAC address, and then delete the temporary profile to return the virtual MAC address back to the ID pool. You can then use this virtual MAC address to reconstruct the FC connections using the original WWPNs but a different MAC address.

  1. Create a server profile as normal.
  2. On the Add Connection screen, select Fibre Channel as the device type, and select the user-specified IDs option.
  3. Specify the IDs for the two Fibre Channel connections:
    • WWPN: The value from the volume export - this is the critical ID that you must specify to retain your storage provisioning.

    • WWNN: Any WWN not currently in use, for example, the WWPN value ±1.

    • MAC address: Any virtual MAC address currently not in use, ideally one from a defined range in the appliance.

  4. Verify your changes appear in the details pane.