About creating a server profile template

You can create one or more templates to store the configurations for all the settings of a server profile. When you create a server profile template, you can specify the server hardware type. You cannot change the server hardware type after creating the template. Specifying an enclosure group is optional when creating a server profile template. Hence, the configuration and compliance of enclosure group is validated only when an enclosure group is specified. The server profile template can be used across all enclosure groups. All profiles generated from the same template will have the same server hardware type.

You can also create a server profile template from an existing server profile. When you create a new server profile template from an existing server profile, specify only the name and description of the new server profile template. The template retains all the configurations of the server profile.

Assigned connections are mapped to ports; that is, a saved server profile template will never have connections with Port=Auto. You can add a connection to a server profile template without assigning a network or network set. By adding an unassigned network, you reserve the associated server port to which you can assign networks later. Networks can be added or removed from an active connection without the need to reboot the server.

You cannot add an existing private volume.

For more information, see Server Profile Templates screen details