About associated template attachments

Change a server profile association from one server profile template to another:
  • Existing associated template attachments are validated against the new server profile template, and the associated template attachment value is cleared for unmatched volume templates.

  • Shared volumes are associated based on the volume URI.

  • Private volumes in the same storage pool are associated based on matching LUN values.

Add a volume attachment to a server profile template:
  • Volume attachments added to the server profile template are automatically added to associated server profiles when you select the Update from Template action, unless the server profile has extra non-associated attachments on the same pool. In this case, you must manually configure the volume template attachment association by selecting the Server Profiles screen and scrolling down to the SAN Storage section.

Delete a volume attachment from a server profile template and then update from template:
  • If the template requires Exact match for consistency checking of the SAN storage part of the template, a compliance alert is raised on all server profiles associated with the server profile template.

  • Non-matching volume attachments are not automatically removed; you must manually remove the extra volume attachments from the server profiles.

Delete a volume attachment from a server profile and then update from template:
  • A compliance alert is raised on the server profile if the volume is defined on the profile template and consistency checking on the profile template is set to Exact match or Minimum match. In this situation, an update from the template will restore the deleted volume.

  • The volume attachment is not automatically restored to the server profile if the template consistency checking is set to Not checked.


Private volumes defined in a server profile template represent a volume to be created in a server profile, not actual volumes that exist in the server profile template.

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