Local storage

Integrated storage controller mode

The mode of the integrated storage controller.

Can be managed manually, RAID, or HBA. Edit local storage provides more information on these controller modes.


For Gen10 servers, the integrated storage controller is managed by mixed mode. The controller mode option is not offered for Gen10 servers.

Controller will be re-initialized on next profile application

This displays if you have selected for the integrated storage controller to be re-initialized when it is applied to a server profile. Edit local storage provides more information on configuring server profiles for internal storage.

Logical drive details

Displays the details of the logical drives on the controller.

Logical drive details


The name of the logical drive, depending on the controller mode.

Logical drive

The number assigned to the logical drive. The logical drive number is automatically assigned when the logical drive is created on the target server hardware. A logical drive that has not yet been created displays as pending.

RAID level

The RAID level for the logical drive.

Examples: RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 1 ADM, RAID 6

Number of drives

Number of physical drives in the logical drive.

When configuring logical drives, only values that meet the constraints of the RAID level are available.

Drive Technology

The type of drive technology.

Can be SAS HDD, SATA HDD, SAS SSD, SATA SSD, or Not specified (integrated controller only).


Whether or not (Yes or No) the logical drive is set to boot.