When to use a server profile template

A server profile template allows you to do the following tasks:
  • Update many server profiles with the same configuration.

  • Easily generate new server profiles from one template.

  • Control configuration changes for multiple servers at once. HPE OneView checks compliance in all the server profiles that are referenced to the template.

  • Automatically resolve the compliance issues using the Update from Template action. The server profile configuration is adjusted to match the server profile template for most changes. Some changes to volumes and volume attachments are not automatically updated with the Update from Template action. You may have to manually configure volume attachments in the server profile.


Some of the values in the Update from Template screen can be edited even when the server power is on. Update from Template is able to determine and indicate when the user needs to power off the server while changing the values.

The conditions applicable to edit the server profile settings while the server hardware is powered on or powered off, are also applicable when you are editing values in the Update from Template screen.