Reapply a server profile

You can reapply a server profile to resolve errors or to ensure that the server hardware configuration matches the server profile. To reduce the time required to reapply a profile, individual components can be omitted from the reapply operation by clearing those components from the selection list. Profiles that are in an error state can be reapplied, but individual components cannot be omitted.

  • Privileges: Infrastructure administrator, Server administrator, or Server firmware operator.

  • The server hardware is powered off.

  1. From the main menu, select Server Profiles.
  2. In the master pane, select the server profile you want to reapply.
  3. Select Actions > Reapply.
  4. You will be presented with the reapply dialog that has all of the managed profile components pre-selected. Clear components as required to reduce the profile reapply time. Depending on the profile, one or more component selections may be cleared and disabled, by default, because the respective component is not managed by the profile.

    If the profile is in an error state, individual components cannot be omitted from the reapply operation. All profile components must be reapplied.

  5. Click OK to reapply the profile.