Requirements to validate the certificate

The Requirements to validate the certificate control allows you to configure who can access HPE OneView by specifying the Key Usage, Extended Key Usage and Policy ID Object Identifiers (OIDs) that must be present within a smart card certificate in order for the user associated with the card to be authenticated. You can configure up to five OID combinations to accommodate different groups of users within your organization.

By default, one combination is configured, containing the OID combination Smart Card Logon (, Client Authentication ( This combination requires the certificate on the smart card to be configured to allow the certificate to be used for smart card logon and for client authentication. It should work for most installations. You can edit this field to opt for a different combination of OIDs, or to add additional OIDs. A maximum of ten OIDs can be configured in a single combination box.

To configure additional OID combinations, use Add a required validation.


If you specify multiple OID combinations and one is a super-set of another, configure the more restrictive combination first.