SAN Endpoints

The SAN Endpoints table displays all device ports actively logged into or configured to log in to a SAN.

  • You can filter the SAN endpoints table on any of the columns using the search boxes.

  • The default view is sorted on the Endpoint column with the first 100 endpoints displayed.

Screen component


Download endpoints table


Downloads a gzipped CSV formatted table of the currently displayed SAN endpoints.

The name of the endpoint. The endpoint name format depends on the type of endpoint:

The name of a storage system port. The target name format is <storage_system_name><port><port_group>


The server HBA port. The initiator name format is <profile_name><profile_connection_name>. If the profile connection name is not available, the profile connection ID is used.

Unmanaged endpoints do not have an endpoint name. Endpoints without a name are identified by the endpoint WWPN.
Endpoint WWPN

The WWPN of the target or initiator.

Endpoint Alias

The alias of the endpoint, if available.


Indicates whether or not the device port is currently logged into the SAN fabric services; can be Yes or No.


The zone to which the endpoint belongs, if available.

Update button

Updates the list of SAN endpoints based on your entries in the search boxes.