Screen component



The state of the SAN.


A SAN that is not associated with a network. SANs are automatically discovered when a SAN manager is brought under management of HPE OneView.


A SAN that is associated with a network. HPE OneView has full inventory of the SAN and can perform operations on it.


The type of SAN; can be FC, FCoE, or FC + FCoE (hybrid SAN).


HPE OneView automatically determines the type of SAN based on the presence of a VLAN ID or port types configured on the SAN manager. When another switch is connected by inter-switch links, you might need to manually select the SAN type on that switch in order to make the correct network association.

For example, if HPE OneView detects the SAN as an FC SAN, but the cascaded switch has FCoE ports on the particular VSAN, you will need to edit this setting manually to select an FC + FCoE (hybrid) SAN. This will enable the SAN to be displayed as an option for both FC and FCoE networks when associating the SAN to a network in HPE OneView.


(FCoE and FC + FCoE)

The VLAN ID of the SAN.

Principal switch

The switch that controls the fabric services and assigns domain IDs to member switches.

Only available for managed SANs.

SAN manager

The SAN manager that HPE OneView uses to perform zoning and alias operations on the SAN. The SAN manager name is a link to the details for that SAN manager.

Associated networks

The networks associated with the SAN. Each network name is a link to the details of that network.