About SAN managers

SAN Managers are a resource in HPE OneView that represent a connection to an external entity through which About SANs are discovered and managed. The external entity can be vendor-specific management software or a physical switch.

SANs are created outside of HPE OneView in the SAN manager vendor’s management interface. Once created, SANs can be discovered and managed in HPE OneView using the SAN Manager resource.

When creating SAN managers, it is possible to have two SAN managers discovering the same SAN, causing it to show up twice in the SAN view. When associating an HPE OneView network to the SAN, the choice of which SAN to associate determines which SAN manager will be used to manage the SAN, and the other will be removed (hidden) as HPE OneView does not permit a SAN to be managed through more than one SAN manager.

HPE OneView supports SAN managers from different vendors. See the HPE OneView Support Matrix for a list of supported SAN managers.