About SANs

SANs are Fibre Channel (FC) or Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) storage area networks that connect servers to storage systems. The possible states for SANs are:


A SAN that is not associated with a network. SANs are automatically discovered when a SAN manager is added to HPE OneView.


A SAN that is associated with one or more networks in HPE OneView. Only managed SANs can be configured to be automatically zoned by HPE OneView.

Direct attach SANs

HPE OneView creates a direct attach SAN (flat SAN) automatically when you configure an enclosure with a logical interconnect that contains a direct attach uplink set. HPE OneView names the direct attach SAN using the format <interconnect><uplink set>. The created SAN is a Fibre Channel (FC) direct attach SAN that is not zoned, and cannot be edited.

HPE OneView creates a SAN for each interconnect module that is connected to a direct attach Fibre Channel network.