About zones and aliases

Zone name format

You can specify the name format for a zone by selecting variables in the order of your choice. You can also add text strings to the zone name.

Alias name format

  • An alias enables you to define zone members and give meaningful names to an endpoint WWPN or group of endpoint WWPNs.

  • You can specify the format of alias names that are created for initiators, targets, and target groups.

  • Alias names are referenced by zones in place of WWPNs to improve readability of zones.

  • HPE OneView modifies zone and alias names when creating or modifying storage volume attachments to server profiles to maintain a format that is valid for the SAN manager to which they belong. The following table describes the naming guidelines and the modifications HPE OneView performs to create valid names.

Zone and alias name format variables

server profile

The server profile name as configured under Server Profiles in HPE OneView. The server profile name is often the same as the name of the physical server as a best practice.

server initiator WWPN

The Fibre Channel World Wide Name of the port on the host bus adapter or converged network adapter on the server hardware.

server profile connection

The server profile connection name, or index number if unnamed.

storage system

The name of the storage system.

storage system port

The name of the port on the storage system.

storage system port group

The name of the port group to which the storage system port belongs. In HPE OneView storage ports can be assigned to groups to separate and load balance them during provisioning.

storage system port label

The user-defined label of the storage system port.