Zone and alias naming guidelines and modifications

Zone and alias names must follow certain guidelines, and HPE OneView will modify zone and alias names defined in the zoning policy to ensure they adhere to those guidelines. The following table describes the naming guidelines and the modifications HPE OneView makes to zone and alias names so that they meet the guidelines.


Action taken by HPE OneView

Name cannot contain illegal characters (determined by the SAN manager)

Removes illegal characters from name.

Name must be unique

Modifies the name to make it unique if it is not unique. The name is appended with _# where # is a number, starting at 1.

Name begins with an illegal initial character (determined by the SAN manager)

Prepends A_ on invalid alias names, and Z_ on invalid zone names.

Name cannot be blank

Creates a unique name using a unique variable for the SAN. For example, a blank server profile connection variable would be replaced with the connection id variable.

Name cannot exceed a certain character length

Truncates the name starting with tokens in the name, and then the whole name if it is still too long.