Conditions for reuse of existing SAN zones and aliases

Whether or not a new or existing zone or alias is used depends on the format of the existing name. The following table describes how HPE OneView handles different existing name formats.

Existing zone/alias name

Action taken by HPE OneView

Exact zone name with exact membership

Existing zone used

Different zone name with exact membership

New zone created (existing zone deleted)

Exact zone name but zone has additional members

New zone created (existing zone is not modified)

Alias names have exact membership and are only used in zones leveraged by HPE OneView

Existing alias used

Alias names have exact membership and are used in zones beyond what HPE OneView will leverage

New alias created

  • The re-use of a zone is determined using WWPN membership. If aliases are leveraged in an existing zone, HPE OneView analyzes the WWPN membership of the alias to determine if the correct WWPNs are present to enable re-use.

  • Zone names and aliases are not created until the zone is created as part of adding SAN storage to a server profile. Zoning operations are not performed when you specify zone and alias naming policies.