Filter resources by scope

After you have created a scope, you can use it to display only the resources assigned to it.

If the logged in user's permissions are all restricted by scope, the default setting for this filter is All resources in scope. With this setting, the master pane view will be restricted to resources in those scopes.

If one of the user's permissions is not restricted by scope, the default filter setting will be All resources.

For example, if a user has two active permissions, (Server administrator, Production) and (Network administrator, Test), then the Scopes menu defaults to All resources in scope and displays resources in both the Production and Test scopes. When the (Network administrator, Test) user permission is disabled, the Scopes menu continues to default to All resources in scope, but only resources in the Production scope are displayed.

If a user has the active permission (Server administrator, All resources), the Scopes menu defaults to All resources.

  1. In the banner of the resource screen, locate the Scopes menu.

    Some resource categories do not allow scope assignments. The Scopes menu does not appear in the resource screens for those categories. See About scopes for a list of resources that can be assigned to a scope and for information on the treatment of categories that do not allow scope assignments.

  2. To select item(s) from the Scopes menu:
    • Select a scope from the menu. The resource screen displays only the resources assigned to that scope.

    • Alternatively, select All resources to display all resources, regardless of the scopes to which they are assigned.

    • Alternatively, select All resources in scope, if the user does not have unscoped permissions.

    • When two or more scopes are selected, you can use the All or Any settings in the menu to control filtering. Select the All setting to only display resources in all selected scopes. Select the Any setting to display resources in any of the selected scopes.
    • You can select multiple scopes from the menu. Each filter cumulatively limits the resource display.
    • The All resources setting disables filtering by scopes.