Connectivity and synchronization with the appliance

The appliance uses HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) or Onboard Administrator to monitor the overall health status of the server, including connectivity. If the appliance loses connectivity with server hardware, an alert is displayed until connectivity is restored. The appliance attempts to resolve connectivity issues and clear the alert automatically, but if it cannot, you have to resolve the issue and manually refresh the server hardware to synchronize it with the appliance.

The appliance also monitors server hardware to remain synchronized with changes to hardware and configuration settings. However, some changes to devices made outside of the control of the appliance (from iLO or the OA, for example) might cause them to lose synchronization with the appliance. You might have to manually refresh devices that lose synchronization with the appliance.

You can manually refresh the management configuration and status between the appliance and server hardware from the Server Hardware screen.

HPE iLO uses Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP) to interact with devices and monitor systems.

MCTP discovery is enabled by default. You can temporarily disable MCTP option for an entire server or for an individual slot for troubleshooting issues. If you disable MCTP discovery on a server or an adapter slot that is managed by HPE OneView, then HPE OneView loses connection with the target iLO.

HPE iLO cannot monitor and display information about the network adapters in HPE OneView. HPE OneView displays alerts about the lost connectivity.

You must re-enable MCTP option either through iLO5 GUI or REST API to reinstate the connection.