Forcibly add a monitored server currently monitored by another management system

If a rack server is already monitored by another management system, you can forcibly add the server for monitoring into HPE OneView.


Forcibly adding a rack server for monitoring will make it inaccessible to the other management system.


Minimum required privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Server administrator

  1. From the main menu, select Server Hardware, and do one of the following:
    1. Click + Add Server in the master pane.
    2. Select Actions > Add.
  2. Select Monitored for Add server as.
  3. Enter the data requested on the screen. See Add server hardware screen details.
  4. Click Add to complete the action.
  5. If a message notifies you that you cannot add the server because it is being monitored by another management system, select Force add server hardware.
  6. Click Add to complete the action or click Add + to add another server.
  7. Verify that the server has been added by confirming the server is listed in the master pane.

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