This screen lists the firmware and driver components on the server hardware along with their version.


Name of the firmware or driver component.

The location of the components is displayed in gray.


The version of firmware or driver installed on the component.
  • The installed driver versions on the component are displayed for Gen8, Gen9, and Gen 10 servers. If the iLO 4 firmware version is less than 2.55 for Gen8 and Gen9 servers, the driver inventory is not displayed.
  • If the iLO firmware version is less than 2.30, only iLO, ROM, and intelligent provisioning versions are displayed for Gen8 and Gen9 servers.

  • The versions that cannot be read from server hardware display as unknown.

  • When the option card does not support UEFI protocol, the version displays as unknown.

  • For Gen8 servers when Agentless Management Service (AMS) is not installed, the version displays as unknown.

  • The firmware versions on hardware components that do not have UEFI-compatible firmware and Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP) support display as unknown.

  • Agentless Management Service (AMS) must be installed to get the complete driver inventory of the server.

  • When the iLO firmware is updated outside of HPE OneView, a server hardware refresh is required to update the current firmware inventory.