How the iLO is changed as a result of HPE OneView management

When server hardware is being managed by the appliance, the following configuration changes are made to the iLO on the server:

  • A management account (_HPOneViewadmin) is created and can be viewed on the iLO Overview and User Administration screens.

  • SNMP is enabled and the appliance is added as an SNMP trap destination.


    Health monitoring is not enabled on ProLiant G6 or ProLiant G7 iLO 3 server hardware until the management agents are installed on the OS and the SNMP service is configured with the same SNMP read community string shown on the Settings screen.

  • NTP is enabled and the appliance becomes the server hardware’s NTP time source.

  • An appliance certificate is installed to enable single sign-on operations.

  • iLO firmware is updated to the minimum versions listed in the

    HPE OneView Support Matrix for managed servers.
  • The iLO time zone is set to Atlantic/Reykjavik as recommended by the iLO documentation.

    The time zone setting determines how the iLO adjusts UTC time to obtain the local time and how it adjusts for daylight savings time (summer time). For the entries in the iLO event log and IML to display the correct local time, you must specify the time zone in which the server is located.

    If you want iLO to use the time provided by the SNTP server, without adjustment, configure the iLO to use a time zone that does not apply an adjustment to UTC time. In addition, that time zone must not apply a daylight saving time (summer time) adjustment.

    There are several time zones that fit this requirement. One example is the Atlantic/Reykjavik time zone. This time zone is neither east nor west of the prime meridian and time does not change in the spring or fall.