About server profile template consistency checking

Consistency checking validates a server profile to ensure that the server profile matches the configurations of the associated server profile template. HPE OneView monitors both the server profile and the server profile template, and compares the two based on the selected consistency check. You can select the consistency check during a create or an edit server profile template operation.

HPE OneView supports three types of consistency checks in the server profile template:
  • Exact match: The server profile template defines the configuration and the server profile must exactly match the template to stay consistent.

  • Minimum match: The server profile must match the minimum configuration defined in the server profile template. The server profile can define additional configurations and still stay consistent with the template.

    For example, if a server profile template configures a set of volume attachments with the consistency check as Minimum match, then the server profile based on this template remain consistent even if it has additional volumes, along with the volumes specified in the template.

    If the server profile template specifies Exact match as the consistency check, then the server profile is consistent only if it has the same number of volumes as specified in the template.

  • Not checked: The configurations of the server profile template are used as the default while creating the server profile. These configurations are not checked for consistency and are not subject to remediation.


If the appliance is upgraded to HPE OneView 4.2, the consistency check for storage volumes is set to Minimum Match, the managed manually sections are set to Not checked and all the other fields are set to Exact match.