Server Hardware states

The state of your server hardware represents the way the hardware is viewed by your appliance and affects what features and functions are available to you.


The server is being added.

Applying Profile

A profile is in the process of being applied.


Server was added successfully as a monitored server.

No Profile Applied

The server has been successfully added to the appliance for management, but no server profiles have been applied.

Profile Applied

A server profile has been successfully applied.

Profile Error

An error occurred while applying or removing a server profile.


The server was successfully removed.

Remove Failed

A server removal was unsuccessful.

Removing Profile

A profile is being removed from the server.


No information about the server has been collected.


The server hardware cannot currently be managed by the appliance.

When the server hardware state is Unmanaged, one of the following reasons is displayed next to the state in the appliance.

Communication Error

The appliance cannot communicate with the server iLO or could not communicate with the OS.


An operation was interrupted, leaving the server in an unmanaged state.


The server was added automatically by an intelligent PDU and is shown for thermal and spatial calculations.

Not Owner

The appliance does not have ownership of the server.


Data discovered about the server was insufficient for management, or the iLO was unable to be configured.


The server is not currently supported by the appliance.

Unsupported Firmware

The server firmware is below the minimum supported version.

Updating Firmware

The firmware on the server is being updated from a version that is unsupported for management in HPE OneView.


The server is not currently supported by the appliance.

Updating Firmware

The server firmware is being updated.