Launch the iLO console to manage servers remotely

The iLO remote console is only available for servers with an iLO license. The console enables you to remotely connect to the server to do the following:
  • Access a screen on the physical server to install or use the operating system (Windows or Linux)

  • Power on, power off, or reset a server

  • Mount CD/DVD installation media from a remote client to enable an OS installation

The iLO user web interface exposes these iLO features:
  • Power monitoring

  • Power on or power off

  • Remote console

  • Health data

  • Account creation

  • Security

  • Other iLO management tasks

You launch the iLO remote console from the Server Hardware or Server Profiles screen. The steps involved to launch the iLO remote console depend upon the client operating system (Windows or Linux) and your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox).

Required privileges: Infrastructure administrator, Server administrator, or Server firmware operator
  1. From the main menu, select one of the following:
    1. Server Hardware, and then select a server
    2. Server Profiles, and then select a server profile
  2. Select Actions > Launch console.
    • Windows client with Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox

      The iLO console is a Windows binary application that is installed on each client computer the first time the console is launched. Once the first-time installation completes, click the My installation is complete — Launch console button to launch the remote console. After the console is installed, it can be launched directly from the Actions menu.


      Installing the application provides the best user experience from HPE OneView.

      The initial Launch console action prompts for an installation and will attempt to open the installer. The number of dialog boxes presented during installation depends on the browser.
      • In Internet Explorer, click Run when prompted.

      • In Chrome, when you click Install software, the downloaded iLO Integrated Remote Console installer file is displayed in the lower left corner of the browser. Click this file name to begin the installation.

      • In Firefox, click the Save File button when Firefox first tries to open the installer, and then double-click the installer file when it is displayed in the Downloads dialog to begin the installation.


      If you attempt a Launch console action and no errors occur during installation, but no console is displayed, press and hold the Shift key and then select Actions > Launch console to reinstall the remote console as described in Reinstall the remote console for proper iLO operation.

    • Windows client with Java plug-in

      If you are not running Internet Explorer, you can alternatively launch an iLO Java plug-in console by clicking the launch link in the Install software dialog. This is for cases where you are on a Windows workstation and are not permitted to install any software. With Internet Explorer, the Install software dialog is never displayed so you cannot launch the Java console.


      The Java plug-in console opens a popup window. Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you disable your browser’s popup blocker.

    • Linux client with any browser

      Linux clients will launch the Java plug-in console with single sign-on authentication directly on the iLO. This console requires JRE to be installed on the client, otherwise you will be prompted to install it. The number of dialogs presented during installation depends on the browser.