Setting one-time boot option

  • Required privileges: Infrastructure administrator, Server administrator, or Server firmware operator.

  • One of the following prerequisites must be met:
    • The operating system must be installed on the disk.

    • CD or USB drive must be in place.

    • PXE boot must be set up.

  1. From the main menu, select Server Hardware.
  2. In the master pane, select the server hardware for which you want to set the one-time boot option.
  3. Select Actions > Power off.

    While you can set one-time boot with the server hardware powered on, setting one-time boot fails if the server is in its power-on-self-test. You can leave the power on if you are confident that the server has completed POST.

  4. Select Actions > One-Time Boot.
  5. From the Change setting to drop-down, select one of the options for one-time boot of the server.
  6. Select the Power on server check box [optional].

    You can choose Power on server option on One-Time Boot page or choose to power on the server from the Actions menu at a later time.

  7. Click OK.

    If you chose Power on server option along with the one-time boot option, HPE OneView powers on the server hardware, and attempts to boot the server with the selected boot device option. If HPE OneView is unable to boot the server hardware using the selected boot option, it attempts to boot the server with other boot options as per the boot order defined in the server profile.

    To verify whether the server has successfully booted, physically check the server console.

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