About the support dump file

The support dump contains data that might be considered customer sensitive such as hostnames, IP addresses, and the appliance audit log. Unless you specify otherwise, all data in the support dump file is encrypted so that only an authorized technical support person can access it.

A preview dump is a subset of a support dump, less than 25 MB, and contains the latest log data. You can share the preview dump over email, reducing the time for an initial response from authorized technical support. You can request a preview dump file when creating a support dump. The preview dump has the same properties as a support dump -- if the support dump is encrypted, the preview dump is also encrypted. A preview dump is not a replacement for a support dump.

You can choose not to encrypt the support dump file if you are an Infrastructure administrator. This can be useful if you have an onsite, authorized technical support person or if your environment prohibits outside connections. You can also validate the contents of the support dump file and verify that it does not contain data considered sensitive in your environment.

Some error messages recommend that you create a support dump of the appliance and send it to authorized technical support for analysis. The support dump process performs the following functions:

  • Deletes any previous support dump file

  • Gathers logs and other information required for debugging

  • Creates a compressed file with a name in the following format:


    Where, for support dump files created from the UI, identifier is either CI (indicating an appliance support dump) or LE (indicating a logical enclosure support dump).


If the appliance is in an error state, a special Appliance error screen is displayed. Anyone can create an encrypted support dump file from that screen without the need for logging in or other authentication.

The support dump file contains the following:

  • Operating system logs

  • Product logs

  • The results of certain operating system and product-related commands

Items logged in the support dump file are recorded according to UTC time.

About support dump created from a clustered appliance

About logical enclosure support dumps

You can create a logical enclosure support dump, which, by default, includes the appliance support dump. The logical enclosure support dump file includes content from each member logical interconnect. After the logical enclosure support dump is created, it is incorporated into the appliance support dump and the entire bundle of files is compressed into a zip file and encrypted for downloading.

To create a logical enclosure support dump that does not contain the appliance support dump, you must use the logical enclosure REST APIs.