Restore an appliance from a backup file using the HPE OneView GUI


Restoring an appliance from a backup file replaces all management data and most configuration settings on the appliance. You are directed to re-enter unresolved data, if applicable.


If restoring the backup to a new appliance, ensure to first shutdown the old appliance to prevent both the appliances from managing the environment. A conflict occurs and the appliance you were attempting to restore is not restored.

  1. Install HPE OneView on the new or replacement appliance.
  2. Configure the new appliance with the same network settings as the appliance on which the backup file was created and use the network to upload the backup file to the new appliance. See "Change the Appliance network settings" in the online help.
  3. When the new appliance network is configured, continue the restore operation based on one of the following scenarios:
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