About ID pools

An ID pool is a collection of one or more ranges that you can be randomly generate or specify to provide large address spaces. By default, one virtual ID pool each of contiguous MAC addresses, WWNs, and serial numbers are created automatically when you initialize the appliance. The pools are composed of address and ID ranges. You can individually enable or disable a range, or delete any unused ranges. ID pool ranges do not conflict with physical IDs, provided the virtual ranges you create exclude the physical ID ranges.

Supported ID pools

ID pool


IPv4 addresses

Dot-decimal notation with four octets (decimals 0-255) separated by dots, for example,

Virtual MAC addresses (vMAC)

  • 6 byte quantity represented as 12 hexadecimal characters, bytes separated by a colon (:)

  • Unicast address ranges only, multicast bit must not be set

Virtual World Wide Names (vWWN)

  • 8 byte quantity represented as 16 hexadecimal characters, bytes separated by a colon (:)

Virtual Serial Numbers (vSN)

  • 10 alphanumeric characters, uppercase