MAC Addresses

A media access control (MAC) address is a unique identifier assigned to network devices, often referred to as the hardware or physical address. The appliance generates MAC addresses in pools of 128 to 1,048,576 elements. By default, the appliance has 1,000,000 MAC addresses.

Screen component


Enable Virtual

(Edit screen)

By default, virtual addresses and identifiers are enabled so server profiles will be configured with virtual addresses and identifiers.


Generated or Custom

  • Generated is assigned during appliance setup.
  • For Custom, you define the starting and ending addresses.

There can be more than one of each type of pool; multiple autogenerated and custom pools.


If you enable one or more virtual addresses or identifiers, a newly created server profile will be able to use them. When you disable virtual addresses, server profiles can only use physical addresses and identifiers.

There must be at least one enabled pool range.


Starting address in the pool. When you enable virtual addresses or identifiers, the predefined range is selected. The predefined range is large and randomly generated to prevent conflicts between profiles created in different realms.

Supported MAC addresses are locally administered Unicast type addresses. Therefore, you have to set the second hex digit to an even number (2, 6, A, or E) to remain locally unique.

  • 5E:1B:6C:80:00:00 - 5E:1B:6C:80:0F:FF to create 4096 MAC addresses
  • 5E:1B:6C:80:00:00 - 5E:1B:6C:80:FF:FF to create 65K MAC addresses

Ending address in the pool

The second hexadecimal number in a MAC address custom range must be 2, 6, A, or E to remain locally unique.


Total number of addresses in the pool


Number of addresses in use


Number of available addresses remaining


Click X to remove the pool of addresses and make them unavailable.

The X becomes visible when Count equals Remaining.

Add auto-generated


Generates a pool of 1 million identifiers. Button is available only when editing.

Add custom range


Generates a user-supplied pool of identifiers. Button is available only when editing.


See Button functions for information about how buttons operate.