About security settings

The Security settings enable you to:

  • Edit the cryptography mode to configure the appliance to be compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) or Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) standards. In these modes, the appliance uses only stronger communication protocol versions and ciphers, stronger encryption for data at rest, and stronger digital certificates. About cryptography mode settings provides details.

  • Configure two-factor authentication.

  • Generate a self-signed certificate when authentication by a certificate authority is not required or available.

  • Generate a certificate signing request (CSR) for a certificate that establishes the authenticity of your public keys and verifies them through a certificate authority. Use a certificate authority provides details.

  • View certificate settings.

  • Install an HPE public key to validate the authenticity and integrity of files delivered as part of the HPE OneView update process. If the key ever expires or is revoked, you can download the current key from http://www.hpe.com and upload it into the appliance.

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