IPv4 settings

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Address assignment
Defines how IP addresses are assigned to the appliance in either of these methods:
  • Manually by using a static IP address.

  • Automatically by using DHCP addresses assigned by a DHCP server.

Default value:



Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends using a static IP address for best results.

DHCP randomly assigns addresses. If the DHCP server changes the address assigned to the appliance, connectivity issues, including failures, might result.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends using DHCP only when using DHCP reservations.

IP address

For manual address assignment, supply the IP address of the appliance. For DHCP address assignment, DHCP provides the IP address.


Subnet mask or CIDR

The IPv4 mask represents the bits reserved for network identification. The Classless Internet Domain Routing (CIDR) mask represents the number of bits reserved for network identification.

Data type:

Decimal numbers 1 to 128 inclusive with special characters period (.) and colon (:).


Yes, if specifying a gateway manually.

  • Subnet mask:

  • CIDR: 24

Gateway address

The IP address for the network interface on your router.


Yes, for manual address assignment.