About the appliance networking settings

Once you install the virtual appliance image on a virtual machine host, you can:

  • Log in as the Infrastructure administrator for the first time

  • Change the appliance default administrator password

  • Configure the appliance network connections

For the first-time setup, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you configure the appliance network before the hardware discovery process starts. If you do not have the right permission to configure the appliance network, you can cancel the appliance network configuration, and proceed with the hardware discovery. However, it becomes possible to continue the configuration remotely from a web browser only once the appliance management network IP address is configured for HPE OneView.

After the hardware discovery process is complete, continue the appliance and resource configuration.

Once the appliance network connections are configured, the appliance Dashboard appears.

You can change the appliance network settings at any time after discovery completes.

If you are using a virtual appliance, the virtual host automatically handles failover and uses a standalone configuration.

IMPORTANT: Any time the IP address or hostname of the appliance changes, any CA-signed appliance certificate associated with the appliance is erased, and a new self-signed appliance certificate is generated. In this case, you must generate a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR), have it signed by a CA, and import it into the appliance.