View ciDebug log

Privileges: Infrastructure administrator
  1. From the main menu select Settings, then do one of the following:
    • In the Diagnostics panel, select View diagnostics tools page.

    • Select the Diagnostics panel and then select Actions > View diagnostics tools page.

  2. Optional: Use the ciDebug log filter field to restrict the results that the log will display.

    The filter field is case sensitive.

    Example filters: ERROR, INFO, WARN, warn.error
  3. Click View ciDebug log.

    The dialog displays 100 messages per page. Use the Next and Prev buttons to switch between pages.

  4. Optional: To restrict the current log results, enter the filter parameters in the Filter existing log view field , then click Apply filter.
  5. Optional: To clear the log filter:
    1. Close the View ciDebug Log dialog.
    2. Clear the ciDebug log filter field.
    3. Click View ciDebug log.