View license status

To view the license status, select Settings > Licenses from the main menu.


You may have to refresh the Licenses screen in order for recent license assignments to show up in the license graphs.

Read and interpret the license graphs

The license graphs indicate the number of licenses available and required, and the percentage of server hardware that is in compliance (licensed). A complete green ring indicates 100% compliance.

The number of available licenses is displayed below the graph. The number of licenses required, if any, is displayed in red text.




Indicates the percentage of server hardware without a license


Indicates the percentage of server hardware that is licensed

Light Gray

Indicates licenses that are available but have not been assigned

Sample license graphs
  1. The license type for which status information is being reported.

  2. The license graph indicates the percentage of servers that are licensed.

  3. The number of licenses required (if any), the number of licenses available, and the number of servers with licenses. See About HPE OneView Advanced licensing for managing server hardware.

    To view the Server Hardware screen filtered to show the server hardware that is assigned a license type, click the Servers licensed link under the license type.