Built-in groups — Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory features built-in groups, in which certain groups are automatically located in predefined containers. These built-in groups include:

  • Domain Users

  • Domain Admins

  • Enterprise Admins

The Microsoft Active Directory Domain Users group contains all users that were created in the domain. In this example, all the user accounts under Users are included in Domain Users:

By default, Microsoft Active Directory defines some of the groups (such as Domain Users) in the Users container. These groups are also listed in the group names field in the Add directory group screen if the Users container is specified as a search context input. But a group like Domain Users will not behave the same as the other manually configured groups. For example, the Domain Users group does not have the access to appliance.

You must specify the organizational unit or units because user accounts in the Domain Users group will not be authenticated.

For more information on built-in groups and their behavior, see the Microsoft Active Directory documentation.