Scenario: Adding an OpenLDAP authentication directory service

This scenario describes how to add an OpenLDAP authentication directory service and add a group from that directory service.

You must have the following prerequisites:

  • Minimum required privileges: Infrastructure administrator.

  • The authentication directory service must be configured.

  • You must obtain an X509 certificate from the directory service provider. This certificate ensures the integrity of communication between the appliance and the directory service.

  • A user in the directory service must have OpenLDAP read privileges (rscdx) so that HPE OneView can read search results.





Authentication directory
  1. Add the authentication directory and its server.

  2. Add an authentication directory service.

  3. Validate the directory server configuration.

  4. Log in to the directory server.

  • For Directory, enter the name of the OpenLDAP directory service.

  • For Directory type, select OpenLDAP.

  • For Base DN, enter the domain component.


  • For User naming attribute, select either UID or CN, as needed.

  • For Organizational unit (OU), provide all user and group OUs in separate fields.


    OU=People or OU=Groups

    For additional information on OUs under LDAP, see Add/Edit Directory configuration details

Users and groups
  1. Add a group and assign roles.

  • You can enter the group name or select it from a list of available groups configured in the authentication directory service.

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