Edit Storage System

StoreServ Storage systems

You can only change the Expected SAN/Network and Port Group values.


Port number.


A label to identify the port


The protocol of the port. Can be FC for Fibre Channel or FCoE for Fibre Channel over Ethernet.

Expected SAN/Network

The SAN or network to which you want to connect the storage system port.

Actual SAN

The network to which the storage system port is connected.


The menu list displays the configured uplinks.

Port Group

The port group the storage port belongs to, otherwise, the default is Auto, which selects a port group automatically.

You can use port groups to specify a set of storage ports to be used when you attach a volume to a server profile.

You can create, select, and deselect port groups from this screen.

Partner Port

Port number of the partner port.

StoreVirtual Storage systems

Displays the VIPs of the storage system and enables you to edit the networks associated with them.