Remove extra presentations dialog

This alert action is presented when HPE OneView detects volume access on a storage system was not granted by HPE OneView (extra presentation). Use the Remove extra presentations action to remove the extra presentation from the storage system. After you have removed extra presentations, managed volumes will only be accessable by servers whose server profiles contain attachments to the volume.

  • Do not use the Remove extra presentations operation if you have volumes under management of HPE OneView that are being accessed by servers that are not under management of HPE OneView, as this operation will remove their access to the storage system.

  • The Remove extra presentations operation does not affect zoning or aliases.

Screen component


Endpoint WWPN

The WWPN of the endpoint that is configured with access to the volume on the storage system, but not defined in any server profile volume attachment.


The HPE OneView name of the endpoint, if available.

Endpoint Alias

The endpoint SAN alias, if any exist on a managed SAN.


The SAN zones that contain the endpoint, if any exist on a managed SAN.


Whether or not the endpoint is currently logged into the managed SAN; can be Yes or No.