Searching for resources by label


Minimum required privileges: Edit privileges for the resource

  1. Click in the Smart Search box and enter labels: followed by the label name.

    Enter complete words or names as your search criteria. Partial words or names might not return the expected results.

    To search for a label with a space, enter the label name in quotes. For example, labels:”Asia Pacific Division”.

  2. Determine if you want to search for a specific label for the resource type, or search for a label across all resource types.
    • To search for a label for a specific resource type:

      • Select the Scope for the resource type.

      • Press Enter.

        The resources that share that label are shown.

    • To search for a label across all resource types:

      • Select Everything for the Scope.

      • Press Enter.

        A search results page lists the top matches for all resource types.

      • Click on a resource instance (a hyperlink) on the results page to go to that resource.

        The Overview view for the resource is shown.