Troubleshoot authorization failures

Authorization fails when you attempt to perform an operation for which you do not have the required permissions. In most cases, these failures reflect the configured security policy. Contact the Infrastructure administrator to grant you additional rights.

However, there are several checks you can perform before contacting your administrator.
  • A failure can occur because the session token used to issue the request is not valid. This can occur if, for example, the token has expired. If this occurs, re-enter your credentials to create a new user session. HPE OneView automatically detects this condition and brings up the Login screen.

  • HPE OneView allows a user with multiple permissions to operate in a less-privileged mode. When in this mode, your rights are restricted to a subset of your authorized permissions. If you are operating in a less-privileged mode, check if re-enabling your permissions grants you access.

  • A user, whose rights are restricted by scope, is only allowed to manage resources in an authorized permission scope. If the resource is not assigned to your permission scope, contact your administrator. Select the Scopes view on the Resource screen to view the scopes to which a resource is assigned.

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