Some test messages from HPE OneView were not received


Some recipients receive the test message but other recipients do not receive the same message.

Solution 1

The recipient is either not configured or not configured correctly.

  1. As Infrastructure administrator, follow the procedure in Edit an email recipient and filter entry so that you can view the recipient and filter entries.
  2. Verify that the recipient is specified.

    Correct the entry as needed.

  3. Verify that the email address of each recipient is valid.

    Correct the entry as needed.

  4. Verify by sending another test message.
Solution 2

The test message was filtered and thus not delivered because it is considered junk mail or spam.

  1. If the host sending the email and the recipient are in the same domain, examine the email application of the recipient.
  2. Ensure that the email application does not block the message and that it does not treat the message as spam or send it to a junk folder.
  3. Verify by sending another test message.