Appliance is offline, manual action is required


The Maintenance console indicates that the appliance is offline and manual action is required to restore operation safely.

Neither appliance in the appliance cluster is active. Constraints for data integrity prevent the automatic activation of the appliance.

Solution 1

Network issues or multiple disconnects might have caused the outage.

  1. Restore high availability by correcting the cause of the outage, if possible. Ensure that all network cables are properly connected.
  2. Bring the enclosure back online.

    Use the Maintenance console View details command to identify the appliance for which the status cannot be confirmed. The appliance is identified in terms of its enclosure and appliance bay number.

    If the corresponding enclosure is offline, powering it on could correct the problem.

  3. If the enclosure cannot be brought back online, move the appliance to an operational enclosure.

    Whenever possible, install clustered appliances in different enclosures to improve fault protection.

Solution 2

An appliance is nonfunctional and high availability cannot be restored.


This procedure requires you to override data integrity protection. Use extreme care when following this procedure.

  1. Determine the location of both appliances in the appliance cluster. The location is given in terms of the enclosure and appliance bay. The Maintenance console View details action, from either appliance, can provide this information for the other appliance.

    Misidentifying the appliance can result in unrecoverable data loss.

  2. Determine whether each appliance:
    • Is present in the enclosure.

    • Is powered on.

    • Shows a warning in the Maintenance console Notification banner regarding changes that have not been synchronized between appliances.

  3. Select the appliance to activate. Use the following criteria:
    • If one appliance shows an unsynchronized changes warning, select it.

    • Select the other appliance if an appliance:
      • Is lost and cannot be recovered.

      • Cannot be brought online.

      If the lost appliance contained unsynchronized changes, unrecoverable data loss could occur.

  4. Ensure the unselected appliance:
    • Is powered off,

    • Is removed from the enclosure, or

    • Was just restarted.


    This step is critical to ensure that both appliances do not become active at the same time. Otherwise, it will be impossible to resynchronize them, and unrecoverable data loss will result.

  5. In the Maintenance console of the selected appliance, select Activate and confirm the action. .

    Refer to the state to monitor progress.