Could not apply license in HPE OneView


A license or license key could not be applied to an instance.

Solution 1

All the licenses in the license key are in use. The instance that you tried to license is recorded as unlicensed.

  1. Log in as Infrastructure administrator.
  2. Acquire a new license key.
  3. Try again with the new license key.
Solution 2

The license that you are trying to apply is already in use.

  1. If there are remaining unused licenses, try again with another license.
  2. Otherwise, acquire a license key with unused licenses and try again with a license from the new license key.
Solution 3

The license was applied to an instance or a product that is already licensed.

  1. Verify the instance or product that you are trying to license.
  2. If necessary, try again with the correct instance or product name.