Unable to migrate the VCM enclosure


You see a message indicating HPE OneView is unable to migrate the VCM enclosure.


Failures can occur during the add action if all information about an enclosure, its servers, or interconnect modules cannot be acquired.

When this happens, an explanation of the problem and the component that caused the problem (the enclosure, a server, an interconnect) is provided in the compatibility report.

  1. Review each issue listed in the compatibility report and perform the corrective action.
  2. Retry the migration.
  3. If the migration cannot be performed, revert back to Virtual Connect Manager by performing the following steps:
    1. Remove all server profiles that were created during the migration.
    2. Remove the enclosure from the appliance.
    3. From the OA UI, reset the lowest bay Virtual Connect interconnect.
    4. From the VC module, log in with the factory default credentials and then recover the VC configuration from the backup file.