Cannot apply the server profile


Cannot apply the server profile

Solution 1
  1. Attempt to boot into Intelligent Provisioning manually on the affected system by pressing F10 during POST.
  2. If manually booting to Intelligent Provisioning works, then retry the operation from HPE OneView.

    If manual booting still fails, reboot the iLO and then retry step 1.

  3. If the previous steps fail and the server is a BL465c with an active Smart Array Controller, disable the IOMMU on the server temporarily using RBSU.
    1. During system boot, press F9 to enter the UEFI System Utilities.

    2. Select System Options.

    3. Select Processor Options.

    4. Select AMD-Vi (IOMMU).

    5. Select Disabled.

    6. Save and exit UEFI System Utilities.

  4. If booting still fails, install the latest version of UEFI System Utilities found at .
Solution 2

Cannot verify the status of the server hardware

To verify the operational status of the server hardware:
  1. Click Cancel to exit from the Create Server Profile screen.

  2. From the main menu, navigate to the Server Hardware screen.

  3. Find and then select the server hardware.