Directory service not available


The directory service could not be accessed by the appliance.

Solution 1

The server for the directory service cannot be accessed.

Either the server for the directory service or the network is down.

  1. Run the ping command on the directory server IP address or host name to determine if it is online.
  2. Verify that the appliance network is operating correctly.
  3. Contact the directory service administrator to determine if the server is down.
Solution 2

Configuration errors prevent the directory service from being reached.

  1. Verify that the name of the directory service is unique and entered correctly. Duplicate names are not accepted.
  2. Verify that the Directory type is correct.
  3. Ensure that the Base DN fields and, for OpenLDAP, the User naming attribute field, and Organizational unit fields are correct. See Add/Edit Directory screen details.
  4. Verify that the credentials of the authentication directory service administrator are correct.
  5. Verify that the group is configured in the directory service. See Add/Edit Directory Group screen details.
  6. Ensure that the role assigned to the group is correct.