Support dump file not saved for HPE OneView


The support dump file is absent on the appliance.

Solution 1

You can easily miss notifications of automatic downloads if the browser settings are not set correctly.

  1. Verify that the download has completed.
  2. Verify the browser requirements for your appliance by consulting the corresponding HPE OneView Support Matrix.
  3. Retry the create support dump action and examine the download progress bar in the Activity sidebar.
Solution 2

Insufficient disk space for the support dump file on the client side.

  1. Ensure that the local computer has enough disk space to accommodate the support dump file.
  2. Retry the create support dump action.
Solution 3

Support dump file not available.

  1. Clean up to create space in your system.
  2. Enable multiple file download in your browser settings.
  3. Try again to create the support dump and preview it.