Server does not power on after system board replacement


When you insert a newly repaired server into the bay, and the add process continues to run and the server does not power on.


The profile associated with the new server was not unassigned before removing the server and replacing the system board with a new one that has a new serial number and product ID.


Reconfigure the new system to match the previous system board identifiers.

  1. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for HPE OneView to terminate the "Add" process. It will likely end with an error.
  2. Power off the server, and then unassign the server profile from the bay.
  3. Connect to the console of the server and power on the server.
  4. Enter the ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU).
  5. Locate the settings for the serial number and the product ID and set them to the same values that were set on the board that was replaced.

    The serial number and the product ID are printed on the "toe tag" for that server.

  6. Exit the RBSU and allow the server to power up all the way to Power On Self Test (POST).
  7. Power off the server.
  8. Refresh the enclosure or frame.
  9. Reassign the server profile.
  10. Confirm that no alerts were generated when the server profile was assigned.
  11. You can now power on the server to resume operations.