Power utilization metrics

Power capacity is the calibrated maximum power that a device can consume. The power utilization metrics refresh every five minutes while the panel is open.

You can see the power utilization data for a component under Power on the Utilization panel.

Use this data to determine how much power your facility is consuming and the resources that are consuming it. The appliance reports alerts for devices that exceed their power capacity. Alerts are not shown for interconnects.



Allocated power

(For Interconnects only)

The amount of power allocated to the resource.

Average power

The average amount of power the resource is consuming.

Peak power

The peak amount of power consumed by the resource.

Low power

The lowest amount of power consumed by the resource.

Power cap

(For blades only)

Most server hardware and enclosures support control of power consumption through a Dynamic Power Cap. When reporting power utilization, the appliance includes both average and peak power consumption as well as Dynamic Power Cap settings in its graphs. The appliance controls power caps through iLO or enclosure OA.




The power consumption or cooling limitation on the enclosure.

When you set the Dynamic Power Cap on an enclosure, it keeps the power used by the enclosure under the cap by managing the power consumption of server hardware.

To set power limits on an enclosure, select the Power thermal > Power management menu item on the enclosure OA.

The Dynamic Power Cap limits the enclosure power consumption based on a cooling limit that might be lower than the Derated circuit capacity.

The Average power cannot exceed the Power cap or the Derated circuit capacity.

The Peak power cannot exceed the Rated circuit capacity.

Server Hardware

The limitation on power consumption enforced by the management processor, in watts.